The rise of travel and tourism has shown significant resilience globally. Despite slow economic growth in advanced economies and geopolitical tensions in some regions, the T&T sector still accounts for a large part of the global economy (estimated to be approximately 9% of global GDP or US$ 7 trillion) and employment, while the number of international travelers continues to increase. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the T&T sector is forecast to continue growing at 4% annually—faster than financial services, transport and manufacturing.

With that in mind, David Rice founded Sunbury International Consulting. Sunbury provides the full spectrum of strategic planning, airline and cruise industry opportunities and access to decision makers, regional and local governments and global tourism organizations, hospitality compliance and regulatory procedures, culinary events and cultural partnerships as well as entertainment and sporting events.

Our clients will be able to take advantage of our experience and strategically position themselves to attract their respective interest and stated goals. David has an extensive and proven background creating and maintaining partnerships in both the private and public sectors and because of his thirty years of multi-faceted tourism and hospitality experience, is able to listen intently, learn quickly and provide long-term solutions.

Built practice, credibility, value and offerings through creative and provocative new solutions and methodologies and groundbreaking intellectual capital that opened the doors to new engagements and partnerships.


  • To be intently aware of the cultural, regional and socioeconomic differences of each client.

  • Always provide respectful, individual and respectful attention to each client.

  • Respect the brand and preserve confidentiality.

  • Listen, learn and solve

  • Provide a service that exceeds industry standards and be the best value for the customer.